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Make your holiday in Italy truly unforgettable! Choose the additional services and excursions available at Villa Bikini!


Transfer service

We would like to offer you a stress-free transfer between Naples Airport and Villa Bikini. Enjoy comfortable seats with generous leg room, air condition and acoustic system of our luxury car. You will love your meet-and-greet arrival to Naples. 
You can also explore the famous Amalfi Coast with your own driver to chauffer you from town to town on a private full-day excursion.

Rent a boat


The best way to explore the coast is, of course, by the sea. We are happy to provide all of our clients with comfortable and luxury boats to explore the caves and blue waters of the Amalfi coast or Capri Island and see some of the most exclusive towns in the world. Price of a boat depends on its size, configuration and presence of a driver.

Wine tasting experience


Enjoy an educational yet informal wine tasting in the comfort of your villa! The owner, a certified Sommelier (FISAR) will turn up at your place with up to 6 excellent authentic wines from south of Italy. She will tell you the story of winemaking in Campania and teach you how to taste and rate wines on their bouquet, acidity, finish, etc. Wine degustation is accompanied by the selection of the best Italian cheese, ham, bread and local olive oil.

Painting class at Villa Bikini 

Do you want to find your artistic talent ? Or to improve your technique in oil-painting ? 
The Art teacher will come to Villa Bikini and show you the secrets of painting after years of experience. Oil technique is perfect to discover nature and history around beautiful Golf of Naples. You will be provided with all the necessary equipment and guided step by step.
Painting lessons are taken in open air at the panoramic terrace of Villa Bikini,  where is possible to breathe the ancient atmosphere of the centuries of history that wrap these places. 
Our painting classes at Villa Bikini are created for everyone and anyone who wants to give a splash of colour to their holiday canvas. No painting skill or experience necessary.

The painting class on the open air is the best way to express your emotions and relax. Moreover, the painting made by you will become the best memory of tour holiday in Italy, the souvenir or the gift.


Culinary master-class


If you are visiting Campania you cannot miss its delicious cuisine and the hundreds of specialities produced around you, maybe just next to your villa! We invite you to make a unique Italian experience as you learn how to prepare some of the typical regional dishes of Campania. Lessons are based on the preparation of a classic menu "of the Sea" or "of the Land" on your choice and concentrate on the combination of simple ingredients and the natural flavors of regional dishes.  

The class starts with the shopping at the local picturesque market, enoteca and visiting the oldest Pasta-factory of Italy on request. After coming back to villa the Chef will teach you how to prepare classic dishes of Naples and Sorrento, like "Risotto alla Pescatora", telling you a lot of interesting facts about campanian cooking traditions and culture. You will also get an advise of the best authentic italian wines. And finally,  you will enjoy the special meal prepared by You on the panoramic terrace of Villa Bikini.



Chef at villa


On request you can have the service of a private Chef who can prepare delicious typical italian lunch/dinner at Villa Bikini. Why a private chef?
- If you want to be sure that you taste authentic local recipes, prepared with the best fresh ingredients of the season, chosen by you.
- If you want advice on the exquisite wines available in your area.
- If you want to be served like at a restaurant but you prefer to stay home and drink wine without being worried about having to drive back safely;
- If you have just arrived at Villa Bikini, and you do not feel like going shopping, cooking or going out for dinner.
- If you just wish to relax with your family and friends and spend a nice evening, maybe by the pool, without worrying about the pots on the stove or in the oven.
-If you want to celebrate your Birthday or any other event privately, staying by the pool and admiring an amazing view of Sorrento Coast.

Min. 4 persons.



We are happy to organize for you some interesting guided tours to:

Pompei - the most famous uncovered ancient city 

Naples - contradictory and mysterious city, full of life and legends, famous for its art, music, and, of course, best pizza!

Vesuvio - still regarded as an active vulcano, it offers the most spectacular views of Campania

Amalfi Coast - protected by Unesco stunning sea coast with its characteristic picturesque villages like Positano and Ravello

Sorrento - elegant and colorful town, where the Limoncello liqueur is produced

Caserta - located on the noth of Naples, it is famous for its enormous Royal Palace and the biggest Fashion Outlet in Campania

and other interesting sites ...

You will be picked up from Villa Bikini in a comfortable air-conditioned car for the tour of your choice. A private guide in your preferred language (Italian, English or Russian) will accompany you throughout the tour.




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